Program 6 Days 5 Nights

Day 1: Bangkok – Ban Koke Mueang
11.00 am Meet at Don Mueang International Airport.
12.25 pm Board AirAsia flight FD3520 to Buriram.
1.25 pm Arrive at Buriram Airport, collect your luggage and then head on to Ban Koke Mueang Community.
2.00 pm Lunch
3.00 pm Travel to Ban Koke Mueang community, Prakonchai district, which is famous for its volcanic soil rice and hand-woven cotton dyed with Baray soil.
4.00 pm Arrive at the community. Leave your luggage at the homestay accommodation and enjoy some leisure time.
5.30 pm Attend a wrist-binding ceremony, a traditional way for the locals to give a warm welcome to visitors, and enjoy some authentic Isaan dishes for dinner.
8.00 pm Leisure time until bed
Day 2: Ban Koke Mueang – Cotton Fabric Activity
6.00 am Make merit and learn about Buddhist rituals in the early morning at Khao Plai Bad Temple.
Enjoy breakfast.
8.00 am Learn how the hand-woven cotton is made with Baray soil by cycling through the village in search of the main materials for the cotton, passing by some interesting places including:

  • The hermit’s house: Built as a hospital for those who traveled to Prasat Mueang Tam to practice ceremonies.
  • Prasat Mueang Tam: Built according to Hindu beliefs, it is assumed that this castle was constructed as an offering for Lord Shiva. It served as the community’s religious center and was designed in a Cambodian Bapuan style.
  • Watch a demonstration of how soil is extracted, with the process conducted by a community expert. The soil will be the main component for cotton fermentation.
  • Sources of natural dye ingredients such as butterfly pea flower, marigold, roselle.
  • Learn about the process of hand-weaving with Baray soil from a master with a hands-on approach.
12.00 pm Lunch
1.30 pm Learn how to weave silk with ancient patterns.

  • Get to know about mulberry, a plant used for feeding silkworms. Learn the silkworm breeding process, silk extraction, silk bleaching and dyeing using natural dyes.
  • Learn how to tie and develop patterns on the fabric.
  • Have a go at weaving the silk yourself.
4.30 pm Free time
6.00 pm Dinner at the accommodation
Day 3: Ban Koke Mueang – Rice Field Classroom Under the Sky
8.00 am Breakfast at the homestay
9.00 am Learn about the rice farming process with the agricultural masters in the rice field “classroom” under the sky. Your lesson will include:

  • Learning about the rice farming process starting from land preparation, choosing the right type of rice, spreading the seeds and planting the sprouts.
  • Learning how biological fermented liquid is made for the community’s organic plantation.
12.00 pm Enjoy a meal served in traditional tiffin carriers, complete with a view of the rice field.
1.30 pm Experience farm life with the local master and learn how valuable and beneficial sustainable agriculture is to the community.
3.00 pm Return to the accommodation.
6.00 pm Dinner and leisure time
Day 4: Ban Koke Mueang – Learning Activity
8.00 am Breakfast at the homestay
9.00 am Learn to cook some local dishes and everyday life in the community.

  • The community master will introduce you to some traditional, local dishes.
  • See where each ingredient comes from.
  • Learn to cook the dishes from the community cooks.
12.00 pm Have lunch, which includes the self-cooked dishes from earlier.
1.30 pm Learn about the process of weaving reed mats from the master.

  • Get to know more about reeds and learn how it is collected to be used as the main material for the mats.
  • Learn how to cut the reed into strands for weaving.
  • Learn about dyeing with natural dyes along with the sources of colors, such as mango leaves, as well as the pattern designing process from the master.
  • Finally, have a go at weaving your own mat!
6.00 pm Dinner
Day 5: Ban Koke Mueang – Buriram
8.00 am Breakfast at the homestay
9.30 am Say goodbye to the community and travel to Phanom Rung Historical Park

  • Phanom Rung Castle is situated atop an inactive volcanic crater and is one of Thailand’s most famous Khmer stone castles.
11.00 am Travel toward Buriram city.
12.30 pm Lunch
1.30 pm Visit a second crater at Khao Kradong Forest Park, another popular attraction in Buriram. Inside the park lies an inactive volcano of which the crater can be clearly seen, surrounded by lush vegetation. There is also a Khmer archaeological site, a model of Buddha’s footprint and a huge Buddha image where visitors can enjoy a great view of Buriram city and pray for good luck.
2.30 pm Travel to Chang Arena Stadium, Buriram’s modern-day “castle” which is home to Buriram United Football Club, known as the Thunder Castle, and enjoy a tour of this impressive stadium.
3.30 pm Check-in at the hotel and enjoy some leisure time.
6.00 pm Have a Buriram-style dinner at Sohkraw Market near Chang Arena Stadium.
8.00 pm Return to the accommodation with free time until bed.
Day 6: Ban Koke Mueang – Buriram City Pillar Shrine
8.00 am Breakfast at the hotel
9.30 am Check-out and travel to Buriram City Pillar Shrine; here, you can pray for good luck before heading home.
10.00 am Buriram City Pillar Shrine is constructed as a 5-tier Prang. Each tier is decorated with wedged decoration pieces and images of the guardians of the directions. The shrine is admired by both Buriram locals and tourists.
10.30 am Head to Taworn Melon Farm.
11.15 am Arrive at the farm where you can have a look round the melon plantation and hydroponic garden where the farm products are converted into dishes. Lunch is also served at the restaurant here.
12.15 pm Transfer to Buriram Airport
1.50 pm Return to Bangkok on AirAsia flight FD3521.
2.45 pm Arrive back at Don Mueang International Airport. Collect your luggage and return to the hotel.