Congratulations to the 10 finalists

– including 5 foreign nationals and 5 Thai nationals!
The 10 winners for the “Most Talented Story Curation” are those participants who have created the most inspiring content showcasing some of Thailand’s most amazing villages.

About The Village Story Competition

The Village Story is a new campaign inviting travel story curators from around the world to explore some of Thailand’s most amazing villages for free – with cash and other prizes worth 10,000 USD going to the winning participants who create the best content!

The campaign is being funded by the official Tourism Authority of Thailand, Department of Cultural Promotion, Thailand’s Ministry of Culture, Thai Airways, Thai Smile and README.ME.

So, if you’re an adventure-seeker aged between 18-35 with sharp social media, photography, blogging and vlogging skills (all which will come in handy when creating your travel story), this combined travel program and competition is for you.

The Village Story has selected 22 incredible villages across Thailand that pride themselves on their rich culture, fascinating history and unique traditions. From the pool of applications via our site, the project’s committee will select a total of 44 participants (22 foreign nationals and 22 Thai nationals) to visit one of these villages.

If you’re selected to take part in The Village Story, all you have to do is create awesome digital content documenting your trip to rural Thailand – and then share your story with the rest of the world.
All participants will have their full travel expenses covered, including airfares, accommodation, meals and other travel expenses.

The Village Story: Eligible applicants

  • The Competition is open to all young people who are aged between 18-35 years old at the time of submitting his or her application and are not prohibited or restricted from doing so by the laws of Thailand or their country of citizenship.
  • Proficiency in English Language, both spoken and written.
  • Good communications and networking skills.
  • Strong experience and skills in: blogging, vlogging & storytelling
  • Photography and video creation skills
  • Be willing to contribute your skills and time for the community

Mission for the competition  (On 24th July – 29th July, 2019)

  • Learn about and explore the village as part of the creative cultural program itinerary for 6 days /5 nights
  • Create digital content and your travel story through media, such as
    • Photos
    • Video clips
    • 1 Article

    Craft an exciting story documenting your trip to your chosen village which will be presented to the world.

  • Inspire your friends and other youth travelers by posting & sharing your exciting story, creating vlogs to be disseminated through social media channels, tagging your friends . During this time, you’ll show off your social media skills by promoting the story to the best of your ability. (don’t forget to use the hashtag #TheVillageStory #ThailandVillageAcademy #(The village name)
    Note: Participants are asked to change their Facebook cover throughout the duration of the competition, to be replaced with the cover banner of the project provided by the Organizer

Awards for Accomplishments

  • Most Talented Story Curation for both Thai nationals and foreign nationals
    The 2 main winners (1 foreigner and 1 Thai) will be the participants who are judged to have created the most inspiring content (scoring 50% above from the judge of committee, 50% of the highest number of social media engagements – Total number of Views,Likes, shares, comments, tags, tweets & retweets)
    5 winners will be chosen from the separate foreign and Thai participant groups (10 winners in total). Both of the 5 foreign and 5 Thai winners will equally receive the following prizes (ranked from 1st to 5th place).

    • Rank 1 will receive an education fund with the value of 100,000 baht
    • Rank 2 will receive an education fund with the value of 70,000 baht
    • Rank 3 will receive an education fund with the value of 50,000 baht
    • Rank 4 will receive an education fund with the value of 30,000 baht
    • Rank 5 will receive an education fund with the value of 10,000 baht
  • All participants will receive a certificate from Thailand’s Department of Cultural Promotion, Ministry of Culture
  • All participants will receive 5-10% of the value (cash award) of every tour voucher sold during the stipulated duration following the trip.

Program Itinerary

22nd July: Finalists arrive Bangkok
23rd July: All participants meet / attend welcome reception in Bangkok
24rd July – 29th July: Complete the “mission work” as assign in the village at your choice. Show off your marketing skills by promoting.
30th July: Finalists stay in Bangkok / Free day
31st July: Attend the winner Announcement Ceremony with awards and receive a certificate from Thailand’s Department of Cultural Promotion, Ministry of Culture

How to Apply?

Browse the village information below – Choose the village you would like to explore the most to curate your travel story

  • By entering the competition, you hereby warrant that all information submitted by you is true, current and complete.
  • By entering the competition, you accept the present terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”).
  • Go to the registration page: www.ThailandVillageAcademy.com/Apply-Now and Complete the online application form with true and correct information
  • Submit video clip answering two questions below:
    • Why your team is interested in this project? and
    • If you become part of the project, what is your goal (or goals) that you want to achieve from this project?
    • Submit your video by sending it to  ThailandVillageAcademy2019@gmail.com
  • Browse the village information below, Choose the village you would like to explore and curate story most and Make sure you able to travel on that period of time

Ban Nam Cham

Chiang Mai

  • Tending buffaloes, plowing fields and growing rice.
  • Make fabric bags and mud-yom fabrics.
  • Cook some Thai food and traditional desserts.
  • Learn some hand-to-hand combat.
  • Learn how to carve wood from local craftsmen.

Hloyo Community

Chiang Rai

  • Experience the lifestyle of Akha hill tribe.
  • Enjoy playing with Akha toys, like spinning tops and bamboo stilts.
  • Learn the Akha wisdom of clay house building.
  • Cook up some traditional Akha food from local ingredients.
  • Learn how to find herbs and survive in the wild.
  • Making Akha handicrafts such as bracelets and dolls.
  • Get to know about tea culture, plantation and ancient Chinese traditions.

Ban Tha Ma-O Community


  • Explore the old town and traditional houses on a bike ride.
  • Learn how to craft and paint horseshoes.
  • Take the famous horse & carriage to see the town’s old houses.
  • Make Suay Kab (flower arrangement) and candles.
  • Enjoy a Thai sword dance performed by experts.
  • Cook Kaeng Hang Le curry and make Tung Phaya Yor (hanging mobiles).

Ban Lao Wiang Cultural Tourism Community


  • Experience the lifestyle of Lao Wiang people.
  • Make some snacks from bananas like sweet banana chips.
  • Sew and screen patterns on eco-friendly fabric bags.
  • Make mud-yom fabrics and design your own patterns.
  • Cook up some traditional Lao Wiang dishes with the locals.
  • Make rattan carrying racks and recycled brooms.
  • Learn how to sing and play Thai ‘long drums’.

Ban Khok Muang Community


  • Take a bicycle tour around Prasat Hin Muang Tam.
  • Try fermenting and weaving fabrics using mud from old reservoir.
  • Silkworm rearing, silk reeling and dyeing with natural dye.
  • Experience rice farming and agricultural life.
  • Learn about the traditional cuisine and way of life of the area.

Nathon Cultural Tourism Community

Nakhon Phanom

  • Experience the culture of Ancient Tai Kuan community.
  • Learn the ancient art of blacksmithing, as well as modern techniques.
  • Plant gurjan trees, helping with reforestation for the community.
  • Cook delicious dishes from organic vegetables.
  • Learn about local wickworks.
  • Make 2 types of flower decorations: Bai Sri and Khan Mak Beng.
  • Learn about salt spas from local wisdom.

Khemarat Nawaeng – Chiad Cultural Tourism Community

Ubon Ratchathani

  • Stroll along Hat Sai Sung beach.
  • Wear phasin fabric and ‘make merit’ at Wat Pho.
  • Make hand-woven fabrics with meaningful patterns.
  • Explore archaeological finds at Ban Khun Phuri Prasat Museum.
  • Fruit carving.
  • Making OTOP product “Sour Pork with Star Gooseberry Leaves”.
  • Learn how to make sun dried bananas.
  • Make rag keychains, java plum soaps and Mulberry Green tea leaf.

Tambon Ban Chiang Cultural Tourism Community

Udon Thani

  • Witness the Bai Sri Su Kwan Welcoming Ceremony.
  • Enjoy the Rabam Ban Chiang cultural dance and learn some moves.
  • Visit Ban Chiang National Museum, Thai Phuan historical learning center.
  • Draw patterns and craft potteries at Ban Chiang Pottery Group.
  • Crafting wickerworks, weaving and tie-dye.
  • Craft DIY souvenirs (fridge magnets, keychains, coffee cups, bowls).

Ban Phu Homestay


  • Dye fabrics using colors from tree bark and leaves.
  • Try making herbal soaps.
  • Learn how to make handicrafts and wickerworks.
  • Enjoy folk plays and local musical instruments.
  • Trek through the forest to collect bark and wild herbs.
  • Make Bai Sri or Khan Mak Beng flower arrangements for the elders.

Sukhothai Old City Community


  • Craft potteries and draw patterns on Celadon Sangkhalok Ware.
  • Crafting palm leaf fish hanging mobile which is the symbol of fertility.
  • Make Sukhothai-period Buddha amulets at Ban Phra Phim Laksamonsilp.
  • Visit the Sukhothai Historical Park World Heritage Site.
  • Cook the local dessert Kanom Dag Nga (Thai Traditional dessert).

Tambon Nong Rong Community


  • Strolling through the community’s forest.
  • Explore the church built in the Late Ayutthaya period at Wat Khao Cham Sin.
  • Learn how to weave bamboo cradles and other utilities.
  • Making products from Enkleia siamensis (scientific name of plant).
  • Learn how to make products from toddy palms.
  • Craft bracelets and rings from Cocculus Indicus.
  • Rainbow herbal rice crackers, low-fat crispy pork rinds and cooking dinner.

Tham Rong Community


  • Enjoy the famous Cow Racing Festival.
  • Experience working in the toddy palm orchard and cook toddy palms.
  • Making handicrafts from toddy palm leaves and old toddy palms.
  • Learn how to make Thai Kite.
  • Visit and learn about integrated farming within the community.
  • Make a unique fertilizer out of worm castings.

The Sapphaya Old Police Station Market Community

Chai Nat

  • Find out how to collect organic duck eggs from the rice fields without chemical pesticides.
  • Making traditional desserts from Rama6 era “Nga Guy Lhee” ( Thai Dessert).
  • Worship Buddha statue.
  • Explore ancient “RamaV” era of police station.
  • Learn how to make local products with water hyacinth from waste.
  • Learn how to make “Khao-Keab” rice crispy snack.
  • Cruise along the Chaophraya River on a traditional Thai boat as the sun sets.
  • Ride “E-tak” automotive and have “Pin-to” meal in toddy palm forest.

Sai Noi Homestay Ecotourism Village


  • Learn how to cook traditional dishes.
  • Take a bike tour around Ban Sai Noi community.
  • Learn how to make popular meaningful Thai Desserts
  • Making ancient Mon bricks.
  • Experience planting corn and ‘gros michel’ bananas.
  • Make a bio-fertilizer.

Ban Laem Community


  • Learn how to make traditional Thai desserts.
  • Learn how to cook traditional dishes.
  • Making colorful herbal incenses.
  • Learn about integrated farming and collect duck eggs.
  • Collect water hyacinth and weave carps from water hyacinth.
  • Take a boat ride to explore riverside community.
  • Visit the Museum of Ancient utilities.
  • Learn about rice farming and take a look at thai water buffaloes.

Thai-Puan Community

Nakhon Nayok

  • Lean how to say some of the local Thai Phuan words and phrases.
  • Enjoy traditional Thai Phuan performances.
  • Have a go at cooking some original Thai Phuan dishes with a local chef.
  • Learn about hand-woven ancient patterns Thai-Puan fabrics.
  • Take a car or bicycle trip to see the nearby orchards.
  • Join in with some cultural exchange activities with students at local schools.
  • Enjoy swimming in a waterfall, whitewater rafting and other nearby tourist attractions.

Ban Bang Phlap Community

Samut Songkhram

  • Take a train ride through the famous Maeklong Railway Market.
  • Make coconut sugar and Kaeng Kala Krub (crunchy coconut curry).
  • Make fruit charcoal and preserved fruits.
  • Learn how to make Thai Kite.
  • Organic pomelo farming.
  • Cooking Rang Rai (Rice dumplings with sugar and sesame).
  • Feed the monkeys and help with planting a mangrove forest.

Laem Sak Tourism Community


  • Take a kayak trip to explore mangrove forest.
  • Cruise around Ao Leuk Marine Park to explore fisherman way of life, fish and lobster farms.
  • Learn how to make shrimp paste and shrimp paste fried rice.
  • Plant orchids at Khao Chang Mob.
  • Learn how to make batik clothes.
  • Take a boat ride to explore prehistoric sea grapes.
  • Experience the fisherman’s life and how to plant sea grapes.
  • Learn how to make desserts from local ingredients: coconuts and nipa palm leaves.

Ban Lam Khanun Community


  • Explore the watershed forest at Bantad Mountains.
  • Enjoy kayaking along the Lamphikul River.
  • Study about renewable energy, particularly hydroelectricity.
  • Learn about sustainable farming and visit an integrated farm.
  • Make some famous Southern Thai desserts.
  • Craft propellers and windmills from natural bamboo.

Thung Wa Community


  • Take a kayak to explore the stalagmites in Le Stegodon Cave.
  • Explore the stegodon fossil at Ancient Elephant Museum Thung Wa.
  • Craft orchid flowers from Thai clay.
  • How to make tie-dyed.
  • Craft necklaces from candle ropes and sew cloth hats.
  • Explore the carnivorous plant “Nepenthes”.

Phrom Lok Cultural Tourism Community

Nakhon Si Thammarat

  • Make batik clothes from natural colors.
  • Learn the art of Manorah performance.
  • Take a boat trip and experience the fisherman’s way of life.
  • Experience the beauty of Phrom Lok Waterfall.
  • Enjoy a mud spa that provides a natural beauty treatment.
  • Making OTOP product “Honey Baked Leb-Muer-nang Bananas”.
  • Cultivate and collect fresh mushrooms for cooking.

Node Na Le Thai farmer village


  • Learn how to make products from toddy palm.
  • Try your hand at cutting toddy palms, make soap and desserts.
  • Learn about rice farming and biogas.
  • Set and pull up fishing nets in Songkhla Lake.

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