Program 6 Days 5 Nights

Day 1: Bangkok – Lampang – Tha Ma-O Community
10.30 am Assemble at Nok Air check-in counters (14 and 15) at Terminal 2 of Don Mueang International Airport. Board flight DD 8510 to Lampang.
1.50 pm Meet representatives from Tha Ma-O Community who will take you from Lampang Airport to Tha Ma-O Community. Check in at Bann Som-O Homestay.
5.00 pm Enjoy a traditional Khan Tok-style dinner and welcome performances from local youths.
Leisure time for the rest of the evening.
Day 2: Tha Ma-O Community – Cultural Road
9.00 am Ride a bike from the homestay to look for breakfast, such as Kuay Tiew Pa Mai, the famous, long-running noodle restaurant of Tha Ma-O Community. Enjoy refreshing drinks and tasty desserts at Yim: Cafe & Dessert Bar or Jojo’s Coffee Art. Make a stop at Tha Ma-O Community Center, in front of Wat Pratu Pong. Here, you can pay your respects to the Buddha statue inside the monastery.
Learning activities include:

  • Learn how to cook Kaeng Hang Le curry from a local chef.
  • Try making Tung Phaya Yor (paper hanging mobiles) which require concentration and creativity.
12.00 pm Lunch.
Afternoon Ride a bike to watch a horse-drawn carriage assembly demonstration at the Lampang Horse Carriage Association. Explore the 100-year-old wooden houses, such as Louis House, Ban Roi Pi and Ban Sao Nak.
Evening Take a stroll and shop for local arts, crafts and souvenirs along the 500-meter-long Cultural Road. Enjoy live music and local performances while tasting local dishes. The Cultural Road is only open on Friday evening.

Day 3: Tha Ma-O Community – Horse-drawn Carriage Trip
6.30 am Make offerings to monks and shop for freshly-cooked breakfast at Ratsadaphisek Market (Kat Hua Khua). Take photos at Ratsadaphisek Bridge or ride a bike to check out the street art near the Wang River.
8.00 am Breakfast at the accommodation.
9.00 am Switch from bike to horse-drawn carriage at Ban Tha Kao Muang. Feed the horses some bananas, watch a horseshoe-making demonstration, sword dance performance and paint your own horseshoe at Ban Ma Tha Nam.
Take a horse-drawn carriage to explore the old houses. Pay respect to the Sanctuary of the Thousand Buddhas, Phra That Si Chom Khlai and Phra Buddha Saiyat statue at Wat Pong Sanuk Nuea. Visit Heed Tham Museum, Kat Kong Ta Market, Wat Sri Rong Muang, Wat Chiang Rai and City Pillar Shrine.
12.00 pm Lunch at Ban Tha Kao Muang.
Afternoon Creative activity, which involves making Dok Phueng (flower decorations) to be offered to Lord Buddha.
Evening Go on a bike ride to Wat Phra Kaew Don Tao Suchadaram. Pay your respects and offer your Dok Phueng to Phra Kaew Don Tao Buddha statue. Explore the wooden sanctuary further, and learn about the origins of this temple.
Ride a bike to explore street art and old wooden houses at Kat Kong Ta. Shop for souvenirs and local food at Kat Kong Ta.
Leisure time in the evening.
Day 4 (Sun): Tha Ma-O Community – Pha Pak Thong, Ban Cham Pui
6.30 am Dress appropriately before heading to Ban Cham Pui, a tourist destination close to Tha Ma-O Community.
Pay your respects to Maha Chedi Phutthakhaya at Wat Chong Kham.
10.30 am Taste the traditional Lu Mien-style appetizers.
11.30 am Travel on foot to Pha Pak Tong, the peak of a limestone mountain where you can experience 360-degree views.
1.30 pm Enjoy lunch in Khao Ho Bai Khiao (rice wrapped in leaves) style.
2.30 pm Walk down the mountain, seeing the 13,000-year-old rock paintings at Pratu Pa.
3.30 pm Take a sip of tea and coffee around Mae Moh Power Plant.
4.30 pm Head back to Tha Ma-O Community via highway.
6.00 pm Dinner at the accommodation.
Day 5: Tha Ma-O Community – Lampang Museum – Kat Kong Ta
7.00 am Take a walk inside the Kat Hua Khua / Ratsadaphisek Market. Shopping for breakfast.
Breakfast at the accommodation.
9.30 am Visit the Lampang Museum to learn about Lampang history through digital media.
12.00 pm Lunch at I YA Pungnom.
Afternoon Learning activities at Ban Tha Kao Muang, including:

  • Making Suay Kab or cone shaped floral arrangements as offering to monks in the next morning.
  • Making your own candle that supposedly removes bad luck in the future.
Evening Enjoy a traditional Khan Tok-style dinner at the accommodation.
Light the candle with your date of birth included before going to bed. This ritual is meant to bring good fortune before going back to Bangkok.
Day 6 (25): Tha Ma-O Community – Thanabodi Ceramic Museum – Khua Tae – Bangkok
7.00 am Offering food and your handmade Suay Kab to monks.
Breakfast and check out.
Travel to Thanabodi Ceramic Museum.
8.30 am Take part in a ceramic painting workshop before browsing through the Thanabodi Ceramic Museum (9 AM).
10.30 am Visit Wat Phra That Sandon Bamboo Bridge (Khua Tae).
11.30 am Lunch at Green Garden Café.
12.30 pm Say goodbye at Lampang Airport before boarding Nok Air flight DD-8511 to Bangkok.