Program 6 Days 5 Nights

7.00 pm Assemble at Hua Lampong Train Station, Bangkok
Depart for Udon Thani with E-san Maka, Northeastern Line (Sleeper train) Train 25/26
Day 1
5.20 am Arrive at Kumpawapee Station, Udon Thani
Transfer by van to Nong Harn Lake, Udon Thani
5.45 am Take a cruise on the Red Lotus pond, known as Nong Harn Kumpawapee Lake
7.00 am Leave for Udon Thani city center for Vietnamese rice noodles soup as breakfast at a Vietnamese restaurant
8.30 am Depart for Udon Thani City Museum and learn about the history of Udon Thani,
Then, visit The City Pillar Shrine, regarded as the spiritual anchor of the people of the area. One of the not-to-be-missed places and somewhere that is believed to bring about good luck!
10.30 am Leave for the sacred shrine of Udon Thani to pay respect to ancestral god and goddess
Appreciate the Chinese-styled architecture and gardening
Attend an exhibition about Chinese immigrants living in Udon Thani since 1899 until present.
11.30 am Lunch at VT Namnueng, a well-known Vietnamese restaurant of the city
12.30 pm Depart for Baan Chiang Community
1.30 pm Arrive at Baan Chiang Community and check-in at the homestay
Get to know the hosts and leisure time
2.00 pm History Lesson
Visit the National Museum, Baan Chiang, the historical site showing the history of Tai Puan Tribe with lots of historical evidence
Go further to observe archeological sites, exhibiting antiquities and ancient appliances
4.00 pm Back to the homestay and create contents for the contest during your leisure time
5.30 pm Folk Belief and Religion Lesson: “Baai Sri Su Kwan” a ceremony that has been carried on for generations to welcome visitors from afar.
6.00 pm Dinner with the hosts
Day 2
7.00 am Breakfast at the homestay
8.00 am Handicraft Lesson: Fan Weaving
Leave for the Weaving group to learn about wickerwork
11.30 am Lunch served up in tiffin carriers, prepared by the weaving group at the homestay
1.00 pm Skill Lesson: Tying and Dyeing
Transfer to the fabric weaving group-indigo dyed cotton. Learn about tying and dyeing technique with indigo.
Clothing design from the woven textiles and join the “Batik Painting and Indigo Dyeing” workshop
4.00 pm Return to the homestay and leisure time
Take a bike ride around the community, saying hello to the locals as you pass by – followed by free time.
5.00 pm Rest/ Content creating session
6.00 pm Dinner with the hosts
Day 3
6.30 am Rise and shine for an early start to Day 3
Go on a bike ride to Baan Chiang morning market and pick up some snacks for breakfast
Shop the ingredients for the Galangal Fried Rice dish you’ll be making and a traditional dessert
7.30 am Breakfast at the homestay
9.00 am Local Wisdom Lesson: Pottery
Leave for the Pottery Group to learn about the process of pottery-making
Attend a pottery-making workshop and make your own Baan Chiang pottery
12.00 pm Lunch at Pottery group
1.00 pm Art Lesson: Pottery Painting
Paint the molded pottery made in the morning session
2.00 pm Handicraft Lesson: workshop
Create a DIY momento magnet, key ring, coffee mug and Baan Chiang pottery
3.30 pm Leisure time
4.30 pm Cooking Class: Local dishes
Learn how to cook aromatic Galangal fried rice at Mae Rueng Homestay
5.45 pm Local dishes for dinner
Day 4: Dress traditionally – Baan Chiang Dyed fabric
6.00 am Offer sticky rice in the morning alms-giving in front of the homestay
7.30 am Breakfast at the homestay and get ready for the day’s activities (Dress in Baan Chiang’s indigo-dyed clothes)
9.00 am Music Lesson: Thai Tradition Drum Band
Learn about local arts and culture with Baan Chiang’s Thai traditional drum band
11.30 am Lunch with Baan Chiang’s Thai traditional drums band
4.00 pm Return to the homestay and create content during your leisure time
5.00 pm Barbeque party for dinner with free time for the rest of the evening.
Day 5: Folk Belief and Buddhist way of life (Dress in white)
6.00 am Rise and Shine
Check-out and leave for Pa Dong Rai Temple
7.00 am Food offering to monks and receive blessings
7.30 am Breakfast
8.30 am Meditation
9.30 am Bid farewell to the community and leave for Wang Nakin, Kham Chanod
10.00 am Religion and Belief Lesson: Wang Nakin, Kham Chanod
Arrive at the Wang Nakin and learn about the local beliefs, explore the Kham Chanod forest and pay respect to Sri Sutho and Sri Prathumma to receive blessings
11.30 am Leave from Kham Chanod
Lunch at Krua Khun Yai, Baan Dung Northeastern dishes
12.30 pm Leave for Muang District and visit Pa Baan Tad Temple, housing the relics of the respectable monks of Thailand- Reverend Bua and Mun, to name just a few
2.30 pm Religion and Belief Lesson: Pa Baan Tad Temple
Arrive at Pa Baan Tad Temple and visit the meditation center and learn about Reverend Mun’s teachings
4.00 pm Leave for Udon Thani International Airport
6.00 pm Return to Don Muang International Airport on flight FD3357
7.10 pm Safely arrive at Don Muang International Airport