Program 6 Days 5 Nights

Day 1: Warm Welcome to Baan Phu Homestay
Morning Depart from Nakorn Phanom Airport to Muang District to pay respect to Phra That Phanom, the invaluable cultural heritage of Sri Kotraboon Kingdom at Phra Thay Pranom Waramahaviharn Temple
Noon Lunch at Sirichai where roasted suckling pork is served Restaurant, Kang Kra Bao, Mukdahan
Afternoon Kang Kra Bao is located opposite Chaiburi City in Laos with the Khong River in between. During the dry season, an island emerges in the middle of the river and this is believed to be the place where Naga Phaya Sripuchongmukda (the highly-respected dragon-like god of the Northeastern and Laotian people) emerges.
Leave for the Phu Tai Tribe at Baan Phu, Mukdahan Province

  • Receive a warm welcome by the Phu Tai tribe and a brief introduction about the local way of life by the local tour guide at Baan Phu Learning Centre
  • Introduction to the local elderly people and the host and get to know the hosts’ way of living
  • Go on a bike ride or walk around the community and pay respect to the invaluable patron of the village
  • Dinner with the hosts
Day 2: Traditional dance – Folk plays, Folk musical instrument – Dinner and Performance
Morning Traditional Dance – learn about the ‘Lan’ local dance and Paslop dance, along with Phu Tai dance, to be used in the evening activity
Noon Lunch with the local people at Baan Phu Learning Centre
Afternoon See some folk plays and traditional instruments which reflect the tribe’s identity including “Mai Thok Thek”. Practice playing the instruments yourself ready for the evening activity
Evening “Pa Lang”- welcome dinner and performance for the guests with the welcoming garlands, Lan and Paslop Dances and “Baai Sri Su Kwan” Ceremony while enjoying dinner
Free time and rest at the homestay
Day 3: Sticky rice alms offering – Local landscape improvement – Cooking Class
Morning Sticky rice alms-offering to the monks in front of the homestay

  • Head into the field for a growing activity and learn about local farming that applies the sufficiency economy initiative.
Noon Lunch with the local people
Afternoon Local landscape improvement with young people and help out with a ‘big clean’ activity

  • Bike around observing the local way of life
  • Cooking class in which you’ll make a local dish with organic ingredients
Evening Dinner and free time at the homestay
Day 4: Phu Tai Traditions
Morning Experience early morning Buddhist rituals at Buddha Kiri Temple and have breakfast (after the monks – followed by a Reforestation activity)

  • Learn to make Baai Sri tray or Khan Mak Beng, the highly-regarded meticulous craft that uses the local materials such as banana leaves.
Noon Lunch
Afternoon Baai Sri or Khan Mak Beng (Continue)

  • “Su Kwan the Elderly” – Pay respect to the local elderly people for blessings and listen to their fascinating stories.
Evening Dinner at the homestay and free time
“Dinner and storytelling by the elders – Kom Folk bedtime tale”
Day 5: Ecotourism and local fishery
Morning Breakfast at the homestay

  • Ecotourism activity – trekking to collect bark, learning about herbs, catapult making, picking mushrooms and collect red ant eggs
Noon Lunch on the mountain
Afternoon Learn about the local techniques used for fishing, including hooks and net casting
Evening Dinner and free time at the homestay
Day 6: Handicrafts – Local products – Herbal compress – Nakon Phranom
Morning Handicrafts activity with Basketry  and Weaving groups
Learn about dyeing color from tree bark and leaves
Experience weaving process and wood carving
Noon Lunch
Afternoon Local product making such as herbal soap, fabric dyeing as souvenirs
Herbal compress and foot soaking and Thai massage
Leave for the city centre of Nakon Phanom and admire the beautiful landscape along the Mae Khong River and the limestone mountains located across the river in Laos.
Visit an important attraction of the town, Phraya Srisatanakaracha image, which is believed to be the protective god of the region
Evening Dinner in Muang District, Nakon Phanom
Leave for Nakon Phanom Airport and fly back to Bangkok.