Program 6 Days 5 Nights

Day 1: Hat Yai Airport- Pa Koh Temple
Afternoon Welcome at Hat Yai Airport
Visit and admire the invaluable image of the most respectable monk of the province at Ratchapraditsatan Temple (Pa Koh Temple), which was built in the early Ayutthaya period
Head to Tha Hin sub-district to learn about the local way of living through palm growing, farming and fishery and then check-in at the homestay
Evening Explore the village, trying local foods with palm as the main ingredient for dinner, and free time.
Day 2: Follow Reverend Tuad – Tha Hin’s local way of living
Morning Breakfast at the homestay and commute in a sidecar

  • Pay respect to the stupa housing the relics of the Reverend Tuad at Ton Liep Temple
  • Pay respect to the stupa of Reverend Juang, Reverend Yim and visit the chapel at Dee Luang Temple where Reverend Tuad used to study during his childhood
Lunch at Baan Suan Chan Market

  • Check in at Tiew Tan, Tan Bridge, the birthplace of Reverend Tuad
  • Visit Khao Kuha Cave – Tra Pung Phra aged about 1,200 years
Afternoon Learn all about the toddy palm plantation : Watch the palm collecting demonstrations and palm sugar processing
Evening Dinner preparation and dinner with the hosts at the homestay
Free time
Day 3: Morning Market – Learn about the toddy palm plantation (Cont.)
Morning Visit the morning market, try local snacks and have breakfast back at the homestay
9.00 am Learn all about the toddy palm plantation (Cont.): Palm crack opening, soap making, basketry and local desserts (Palm cake, local waffle and Nipa palm dessert)
Noon Lunch
Afternoon Learn from rice farming: rice farming demonstration, rice pounding, rice milling, rice kneading and sufficiency economy through biogas
Evening Dinner prepared by the host
Sail out to sea and learn about fishery: trawling
Night Head out on a night watch or return to the homestay
Day 4: Learning through Fishery (Continue)
Morning Breakfast at the homestay before sailing out to sea to continue learning about fishing, including: retrieving nets, catching shrimp, catfish and snakehead fish with bamboo fish traps.
Admire the beautiful atmosphere of Songkhla Lake and natural surroundings of the area
Lunch (Box/ Picnic) at Bunthom Island, a small island nearby Nang Khum Island
Afternoon Return to the homestay and free time
Evening Dinner
Day 5: Klong Dan – the land of the 3 canals and 2 towns
Morning Breakfast at the homestay, unpack and leave for Klong Dan Community

  • Pay respect to the local sacred figures- Luang Por Chum, Luang Por Prom, Golden Buddha image and Phra Yai Add
  • Visit an archeological site and explore the antiquities such as the invaluable old wooden pavilion
  • Visit the living museum, founded by Master Sayun Cholsakorn
  • Observe the ancient barque of Klong Dan and explore the 100-year-old house, Baan Yai Liep, Yai Ong, Sri Suk Osod Store and learn about ancient-house conservation
Noon Various local dishes for lunch served in the tiffin carrier by different communities and enjoy discussion during the meal

  • Shop the local products at Klong Dan Market
Try the traditional dessert, beading, weaving palm leaves, Norah figure painting, learn about folk plays
Dinner at the market by the river and watch “Manorah” traditional dance on Thailand’s only wooden bridge linking two provinces
9.00 pm Return to the homestay and free time
Day 6: Songkhla Old Town, Bo Yang, Song Khla’s Attractions
7.00 am Breakfast at the homestay, pack and leave for the old town of Songkhla, Bo Yang
10.00 am Arrive at the Red Rice Mill (the old rice mill, formerly known as “Hub Ho Hin” which was used in the Songkhla lake area and exported rice to E-po, Peruk, Malaysia. This historical fact made Songkhla well-known as “Songkhla: the National Supporting City”

  • Explore wall paintings in the old town, reflecting the way of life of Songkhla people in the past and Nakorn Nok, Nakorn Nai and Namg Ngarm Streets. Admire the combination of ancient Chinese and western architecture- Chino European style.
  • Visit Baan Nakorn Nai, an old house which has been modernised while still maintaining its the ancient Chinese atmosphere and identity
  • Klang Temple, the City’s Pillar Shrine and Baan Bon Mosque (the multicultural symbolic places of Buddhism, Islam and Chinese)
Lunch at the old town and leave for Hat Yai Airport